H4 is a dependent visa so there isn’t much of questioning involved. All they have to make sure is that you are really married to the H1 visa holder and have no intention of seeking employment in USA. Be confident, make eye contact, be clear and loud enough. Keep your answers short and make sure greet them properly before and after the interview. Do not offer any informartion voluntarily, just answer what is asked.

1. When were you married?

Look into the interviewer’s eye and answer confidently, carry a few pictures of the wedding. If you have kids carry a few photographs of the entire family. It is important to remember the year.

2. Why are you going to USA?

To live with my husband/wife.

3.  What are your qualifications?

Answer as briefly as as possible, they are not interested …they are just building up to the next question.

4. Do you plan to work there?

NO (firmly) as I suppose the law does not permit me to work.

5. Where in the US do  you plan to stay?

Name of the place, or where my husband’s/ wife’s work takes him/her.

6. Do you plan to study?

Whatever you plans are…briefly.

7. If you didn’t take the H4 interview with your spouses’ H1B visa appointment?

8. Who filed the visa application and where did you file it?

the correct answer here would be – ‘ I filed it….’

9.  Who will financially support you in the US?

10. Which company does your spouse work for or Who is sponsoring your husband’s H1 ?

11. How much he is earning  or what is the annual income of your spouse?

Carry some pay stubs and recent bank statements.