I am posting a sample letter seeking in state fee classification. please add more points if you can think of some…as always, comments and corrections are welcome.

Dear _____ ,

I would like to pursue a _____ degree (masters/bachelors/ ....) in ________ (name of the program) from _______(university name). I have submitted all the required transcripts and recommendation letters. I have submitted my TOEFL score  and received an admission letter from the university. ( erase if you haven’t)

I had chat with __________(if you have already talked about it with someone in the univ.) regarding the fee classification for H4 visa holders and I was told that I might be eligible for in-state tuition fee.

I have bachelors’ degree in _____ and a masters’ degree in _______ from the ____________. Currently, I am in USA on H4 visa; a dependent visa which is coupled with H1-B visa. This visa does not allow me to seek employment or have a social security number but it permits me to study in American universities and colleges. I wish to pursue a __________ course from an American university. It would enhance my knowledge and also, improve my job prospects.

I would like to request for an in-state tuition classification based on the fact that I am a legal resident in the state of __________ and have resided in ______ (name of the state) for more than ____ months/ years. I have been living here with my husband / wife who is a permanent and full time employed professional. I have waited for _____ years/ months to start my academic pursuit so as to fulfill the state residency condition.

In addition to the above, I have a _____ bank account, ______ (name of the state )Driver’s license and ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number).  I have also applied for Green card (United States permanent resident card) which is in its final stages.  My husband/ wife and I file taxes jointly.

The tuition fee categorization is a very important issue which will decide whether or not I will be able to take up the course. I hope you will consider my request and look into my case.

Thank you for your time,

Best Regards,