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Help your fellow h4 visa hodlers by letting us know if you managed to get a drivers license in your state. Lets find out which states allow h4s to obtain a license {without or without ‘denial of social security’ letter from social security administration}. send the information across as a comment and I will add it to this post. But please, NO second hand information ! Thanks, in advance, to all the contributors.

Michigan – allows H4 visa holders to obtain a Driver’s License. No letter from required from SSA.

California – allows H4s to obtain a license. Sonal is in CA and shared the following information with us.

sonal: I came to CA last year, April 2007. I went to nearby SSN office and got a letter that stats I do not authorized SSN. With this letter and my passport, I went to DMV office. From there I got California ID and California Driver handbook. To get California ID I had to pay $22. And the Califrornia Driver Handbook is free. Read that book and gave the writing test.
http://www.dmv.org/ca-california/practice-tests.php Follow this link to practice the written test, and the site will give more authentic details to get the driver’s licencse.
After passing that writing test, we are ready to take “behind-the-wheel” trainning. 

DENVER – h4s can get a drivers license.

Shweta: I am at Denver and for me, it was easy. I got it. You just need to have a letter from SSA office that you are not eligible to have SSN due to dependent status.


NEW JERSEY – h4s can get a drivers license.

Sagar: If you have Indian 4-wheel driving license, you do not need to give a driving test in New Jersey.
You only have to pass through the online test which you have to give at nearby DMV office.
My wife is on H4 and we are living in Edison, NJ. My wife had a problem while getting DL as though she had Indian DL, she had to appear for the driving test. The DMV officials gave the reason that the Indian DL issued by Andhra Pradesh state, does not had the hologram sticker on it. I (H1 visa) had a DL from Gujarat , which had a hologram sticker on it. Hence, I appeared only in online test to get a DL. Hologram matters…


Venkat :
You might want to put this information about the licence stuff in your front page.
Story from Illinois
1. Requires Denial Letter from SSA
2. You HAVE to go to the DMV facility in Laramie off I-290 or Rockford, IL to get the written test. no other facility entertains H4.
3. Although, they serve written tests on saturday, they do not entertain denial of SSN letters on saturdays. Written test close at 4.30
4. Fortunately, the written test is the same for everyone. Simple, and common sense answerable by everyone
5. Learn to drive and go back to the same place, either Laramie or Rockford, IL and give the driving test.