TO all h4s,

You DO NOT need to have a driving license to open an account rather you can open an account and have the welcome letter as one of the 6 points to get a drivers license.

1) Tell your spouse to give you an extended credit card may be by depositing $300(it will be on your name from your spouse’s account).

2) Take your insurance card or any paper verifying that you have medical insurance. (All H1 people get it for their spouses as well).

3) take your passport with a valid visa.

4) some banks asks for a utility bill. You can ask your hubby to add or change to your name any of the gas or electricity (they dont ask for social)

5) Not important——-you can take your ITIN papers as well if you have.

You are good to open a checking account on your name. People on H4 cannot open savings account since they are not entitled to earn any interest from the sum.

good luck,