The H-4 Dependent Visa allows the dependent spouse and children of any principal H-class visa holders entry to the United States and free travel in and out of the country. Immediate family members like spouse and children under 21 yrs can qualify for this visa and can apply at the homecountry US Consulate.

As a H-4 visa holder, you’re not authorized to be employed in the US and are not eligible to get a Social Security Number. Although, you can get a drivers license, open bank account(s) and are eligible for an ITIN (Tax ID for IRS Tax purposes).

The H-4 visa holder is dependent upon the principal H visa holder and will lose their status when the H visa holder loses their status, usually at the end of a period of employment. As H-4 visa holders often include dependent children under the age of 21, study is permitted but a H-4 visa holder is strictly prohibited from working in the United States. It may be possible for a H-4 visa holder to change status to another visa that will allow them to work in the United States.

H-4 Dependant visa holders may accompany any of the following temporary workers to the United States: