The plight of the h4 visa holder is not much talked about neither in the media, politics nor the legal circles.  It doesn’t make for a very good story unless there is a domestic violence issue involved, nor does it make for a good case if there isn’t sufficient amount of torture and as for politics, the h4 clan is not a pressure group not doesn’t  have any lobbyists’.  Far from being a pressure group, it mainly consists of women from India, seeking permission to work and at times, a driver’s license.


They have not been given a platform to voice their opinion on the matter. Infact, it is made sure that they are incapacitated enough so that they cannot make one themselves. They are financially dependent and have no social security.  The internet and blogs are the only way to voice out their concerns.

When even the illegal settlers get to work and it is being legalized… why not these are law abiding, peaceful  professionals.  No one is going to fight for us. We have to learn to fight our own battles…and Win them !